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If you’re not used to it, speaking to a room full of people can be daunting.  Especially when you have to speak about yourself.But when I presented at Business in Heels (Bayside), it was fun.  I was speaking to a room of like-minded business women who are all facing similar business & life challenges to me.  I could feel their support, just as I had willed my support to speakers in the past.  Everyone there is interested in what you do, who you are and how they can help you.  It starts at the door, with a warm, friendly greeting and finishes when you walk out with a bright red goody bag full of gifts, ideas and connections.

Michele Mansfield EquityVision Pty Ltd Personalised Finance Solutions 

“I really enjoyed working with Lisa Sweeney and the whole team at Business in Heels. I present keynote speeches around the world for a range of conferences and special events. This group are very welcoming, professional and very supportive of working women. If you want to make a difference, set up and/or grow a business this is a great network to join and befriend.”

Tania de Jong AM social entrepreneur, soprano, creative innovation catalyst, CEO Creative Universe, Creativity Australia and Creative Innovation Global

I have been fortunate to be with Lisa and Jo since they commenced running this fantastic networking group for women on a global basis.  As a Corporate Annual Partner I have also seen the benefit the networking, marketing and recognition being associated with such an impressive organisations has given all of my businesses.  The events are professional, the assistance with ongoing marketing opportunities and the connections we have made are invaluable.  I will not be hesitating to continue this relationship into the future and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone business owner looking for a networking and marketing opportunities.

Renée Jovic CPA MAICD Managing Accountant/Director


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Profile Page 
Member Priced tickets
save 20% every event
Member only Connections 




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By combining networking with your market place you can establish a relationship before you do business allowing you to do business with those you trust.


There are lots of great features allowing you to keep a track of your adverts and you can drive traffic to them by inviting your friends.



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