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Video Marketing

1. Distribution : Utilise our audience to broaden your reach and generate leads.( EDM , You Tube & LinkedIn 60K) Single price  A$150+gst US$120


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Connect via Our Channels 

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Targetted Email newsletters creating and generating leads for you

45,000 +

Share content on our Facebook page 37,000 . Or to one of over 50 Collaborative Communities (Facebook groups) with 50,000 + 

Share your podcasts on our channel, connecting to 65,000

Share blogs and videos on our website, You Tube, Linked In, Instagramm and Twitter

Share content through our website, drive sales through Xchange and our Member Only offers.

Get your goods and services in the hands of our business women at our events.

Tailored Marketing Solutions

We provide exclusive opportunities to position yourself as the authority within your industry for a period of time, usually a year.  Engage with each branch’s Members to showcase your expertise, products & services.  We are offering a limited range of marketing opportunities to national/ international businesses offering products or services of interest to our members.

The Compelling facts 

65% of New business comes from Referral  New York Times 

83% of Facebook readers trust recommendations from their connections A C Neilson

85% of purchasing decisions are made or influenced by women. Bloomberg

A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo (Socialbakers, 2015)

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2. Create an Introductory Video An expert but not known? .Work with us to showcase your talents and via online interview we will develop your story and create your introductory video. Price A$250 +gst or US$180

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By aligning your brand with Business in Heels you can gain immediate credibility with our Australian & International audience. Increase your brand influence & accessibility by leveraging our expansive virtual media networking community along with our Branch events.

We offer boutique marketing solutions to scale by engagement through our connected community, currently with 100,000 business women connected and growing fast. We operate in over 40 locations running localised networking events and are expanding globally, with 8 of them overseas.

One Off Marketing Campaigns

If your product or service solves a problem for our audience then consider expanding your reach by leveraging our audience. Plan to include your content and call to action in our regular communication 

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Example : As a National Marketing Partner for a year :-

  • To be acknowledgement as a National Partner on our website & data base systems
  • A Diamond membership for one of your team within our website to be the female face.
  • To be exclusive within in your business category
  • Monthly video engagement showcasing real people using your products and services
  • Monthly educational/ inspirational  content communicated to our audience.
  • In all cases we will link to trackable optin for the platform

All this allows you to get to know your customer on a more authentic & personal level. That makes savvy business sense!

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National Speaking Partner

Know that you need to be present to make an impact. Want to be the keynote speaker at multiple events with a planned annual schedule and the promotion to go with it?

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Approximate Cost $9000 +gst or US$6500