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Join an exclusive club of partners and stand out in our community as the expert in your field.

By posting useful information and leading regular discussions you will become an authority within our group.

Ultimately, as members connect with you and gain value from your expertise, your business will grow through word of mouth referrals.

Some Facts:“More than 65% of new business comes from Referrals.” New York Times

                                                                             “83% of Facebook readers trust recommendations from their connections.” Neilson

                                                                             “87% of buyers go out and look for advice before choosing.

                                                                              More than 50% of these buyers seek such advice from their social media contacts.” Buyer Sphere.

Women are flocking to become a part of Business in Heels, a women’s networking organisation that connects women in a helpful and, engaged community both locally and globally.

We operate in over 40 locations mainly in Australia with 8 overseas. Our 70,000 internet connections & thousands more attending our nation-wide events annually, represent a significant audience of similar mind-set. This creates a targeted marketing opportunity for those wishing to supply products & services to this highly defined & growing sector.




1.       To provide business owners with the resources (advice, products & services) that generally exist in larger organisations such as IT/ digital, Finance, marketing, HR, Legal.

2.       Remove isolation that SME’s (and leaders) often encounter and provide an opportunity to network, share ideas and problem solve across an array of sectors and disciplines, thereby becoming a part of an engaged, helpful community.

3.       Provide access to affordable authentic marketing techniques (through events and our multiple digital platforms) which have higher conversion rates than traditional.  “Get your product into the hands of our members”, 83% of social media users trust the advice given through their online friends and connections more than traditional advertising.

4.       Provide a range of useful expert information and thought leadership on topics that span the pillars to form the foundation of a woman’s life. These pillars include: - finance, legal, accounting, marketing, education, health, wellness, beauty, family….

5.       Save women time by putting key resources at their fingertips such as; trusted networks, trusted referrals, good ideas to leverage from and short cut learning curves. 

What problems do our members want solved?


What our partners say about us?

Check Out Your Choices:

I was the lucky winner of a Business in Heels ‘Diamond Membership’ at their first event in Ballarat in 2015. Thank you again for this wonderful gift! Being a Diamond Member allowed me to invite my business clients and colleagues to Business in Heels events at a substantially discounted price. A great step up to help my contacts meet new people and grow their own business networks. At the same time, bringing guests to each event has improved my business relationships and helped me further connect with the Ballarat business community and also the BIH online business community. Thank you! 

Shahan Campbell

Main Event Partner

Get naming rights to our events which means everytime we promote,so do you. With over 1000 women connected with most of our branches this is a great way to build brand awareness.

This includes, 2 tickets to the event,  the ability to sell goods & have a Business Showcase presentation at our event, plus consistent marketing through all our online channels.


Business Showcase Partner

Opportunity to showcase your business in the lead up to the event and at the event with a short presentation.

This includes your ticket to the event and consistent marketing through all our online channels .


Yeah, you’re interested but one event seems too short-term?

You can also Partner with us for a year as an Annual Partner

1. Build your "expert" status with our branch and members through consistent monthly marketing, regular event promotion and a business event showcase.

2. Exclusivity in your field of expertise.

3. Fortnightly content posting on Facebook to our branch that is useful in your field of expertise. Plus a shameless monthly promotion for your business.

4. Diamond membership which puts you in the Branch directory, includes the luxury gift set and gives you 2 additional promotions to our 35,000 + on Facebook.

5. Event attendance with 10 tickets per annum.

6. Powerful brand engagement and marketing opportunities by associating your business with ours – and all that it stands for.

7. Ability to showcase your business at one event in the year with a 5 minute presentation and the ability to sell product.

8. Ability to promote your products and services inside the event goodie bags.



Why Partner with Heels ?

Each branch has approximately 1000 women connected with it either through our website or via social media channels.  By partnering with your local Business in Heels branch you can leverage our extraordinary virtual media community to grow your business.

Additionally, these women are the mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, girlfriends, friends, homemakers & shoppers who make the vast majority of the day-to-day purchasing decisions in their households.  Lucrative niche marketing opportunities exist for those businesses which take the time to develop relationships & earn the trust of our members, guests, partners & their extended connections. 

These women have chosen to engage with our organisation online & in person at our events. They share experience & knowledge to help like-minded women connect with resources, opportunities & choice.  These women stand ready to be your company’s most valuable sales force as they naturally use the most effective sales tool known to woman – word of mouth.

More Reasons to Partner with Heels 


Lucky Door Prize Partner

Opportunity to donate a prize and engage a new customer, whilst promoting your product or service to all the women connected with our branch.

Goodie Bag Partner

Get your products or services  in the hands of our members. Who doesn't love the treasure hunt of a goodie bag. Our members love to test out new products, engage with business services, plus we will market you to our extended connections.

Ensure your offers are enticing and attention grabbing.


"Business in Heels has not only given me access to both clients and resources that I would never have found otherwise - Jo and Lisa inspire me everyday to keep living big and working on developing myself and my business and I've achieved things I never thought possible.  I've made some really great friends through Business in Heels and I look forward to seeing them all grow and succeed together."

Renae Scholte CEO Elevation Business Success

Thanks again for the opportunity to speak at BIH last month, it was the first time I’d told ‘my story’ like that publicly, so thank you for providing such a safe and nurturing platform for me to speak and share my experience with your women.  The feedback I received on the night from your members was very supportive and encouraging with many of them noting how it was inspirational and they could apply much of what I spoke about to their own personal journeys. You are building a great community of women, and it was privilege to be able to be your speaker, Thank you so much again.

Yolande Hughes Inspire Tribe Mentor and Coach

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