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When I entered the RPP FM station, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was my first radio experience, and while I was excited, I was also nervous that I might say the wrong thing (or not know what to say at all) in front of a live audience. Jacki Mitchell made the experience easy and fun. Before the show began, she coached the other guests and I on how to get our message across and how to work as a team to ensure we all had airtime without trying to talk over each other. 

Professionally, it was a unique opportunity to promote my business, Grammar Factory, and my book, Book Blueprint: How any entrepreneur can write an awesome book before the launch - it enabled me to reach an audience that I probably wouldn't have been able to reach via online marketing alone. Being featured in traditional media is also a huge credibility boost - above and beyond being featured in online-only podcasts and magazines 

Because Jacki records and republishes all shows as a podcast, that content has since become a valuable tool in my content marketing arsenal, which I can promote via my blog, newsletter and social media profiles. 

I was also impressed by the format of Taking Care of Business - Jacki was a model of preparation, having researched all of her guests (and even having read my book!) before going onto the air, and having a structure for the episode with talking points and questions ready to go. Never was there a dull or awkward moment as guests tried to figure out how to fill the time - Jacki was always ready to jump in with a new thought, question or topic for discussion. However, it wasn't simply about filling the space - Jacki genuinely cared about providing her audience with value, which then helps her guests shine as those who can provide that value.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I can't wait for my next radio appearance!

   Jacqui Pretty  Founder - Grammar Factory, Content Specialist and Best Selling        Author of Book Blueprint: How any entrepreneur can write an awesome book


It doesn’t matter how many media opportunities present themselves, I always feel a little apprehensive when invited to discuss something which I am passionate about. In this case I knew I was mainly going to be discussing the plight of dogs and puppy farms, and one never knows which angle the radio presenter is going to take. There is always the chance they not be supportive, or will cut you off before an important point is made.

My very first experience with RPPFM’s Taking Care of Business and host Jacki Mitchell was terrific. All the guest speakers were thoroughly briefed by Jacki before we went on air, and the format was made very clear. We were each given more than enough opportunity to discuss points that were important to us, with Jacki having done excellent research on each subject. 

Jacki kept in touch with feedback from the show, which was great. I would highly recommend her show as a fantastic platform for any cause or business they wish to promote.

Belinda Goyarts, Owner Mornington Lodge Pet Resort &Pugs SOS - a nationwide charity keeping pugs out of puppy farms

Do you have any questions?  This is a rare opportunity by application only and subject to interview approval.


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Media briefing and tips from Jacki Mitchell prior to the show, including advice on your 'PR story' and angle

Pre-promotion of your "Introducing you and your brand " & radio appearance to 60,000 business women through EDM & social media ( Black Diamond). 

Craft your story and PR angle through interview and questionnaire process.


Create a video "Introducing  you and your brand" and upcoming radio appearance through Business in Heels and online video  interview.

Participation in a ‘1 hour Taking Care of Business’ award winning radio show with at least 10 mins talking time – either in the studio or via telephone interview (arranged at mutually beneficial time with JM and guest)

Interviewed heard by up to 700,000 listeners worldwide, with repeats throughout the year. 

Podcast available on the  RPPFM website – increase longevity of interview as they are downloaded often.

Professional podcast of the show to market to your customer base and wider network  through social media. Radio pic for your profile (see example.)

Upgrade to a Black Diamond Membership with 3 further opportunities to communicate your message via video or podcast to 60,000 business women.

Ongoing ability to blog on our website, networking opportunities and more.

Opportunity to video live from station during appearance. Leverage this video, the podcast and photo across all your profiles, website and distribute to 60K as part of your BlackDiamond membership 

For telephone interviewees. Follow up online video interview with Jacki that you can record. Plus an option to promote your business on RPPFM social media.

Connect with up to 700K listeners  worldwide on  RPPFM

Connect with 60K Business in Heels business women


INVESTMENT A$1999 + gst

The Process....

By registering you will the receive the application form to complete.

Upon receipt of your application, you will be notified within 7 days by email if you have succeeded to the Interview stage

If successful you will then be scheduled for a 10 minute interview and the outcome will be advised by email.

Once invited to JOIN you will have 3 days to accept or decline the offer.

Upon acceptance we will invoice you 50% for payment in 7 days and the balance to be paid 14 days prior to your interview.




INVESTMENT A$1999 + gst



1. Be a step ahead of your competition.

2. Position yourself as an expert.

3.  Amplify your message, trigger a response.

4.  Grow your business.

5.  Be the kind of business woman that inspires other women to step up their game.

6.  Stand out from the crowd / get noticed / don’t just be different, be unique.



Part of the proceeds are being donated to RPPFM, a not for profit community service.