Join Xchange the first B2B marketplace for women only, allowing you to trade services and products 


Get a job or a project done for a price or Source experts to complete your job or project. You can BROWSE our site easily using search functions by category, price, location and more



Grow your audience and client base through your trusted network. Fill up your quiet times. Promote your products and special packages.



Source or sell for a fixed price. Or you can negotiate the fee or trade goods & services it is up to you. To make things easy, for fixed fee items  you can link to your own payment gateway.


How does it work?

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 We operate in over 40 locations in 8 countries & have over 100,000 women connected with us and are growing fast. 

Get Connected and Start building your Network Today.

Creating a World of Possibilities

Grow your audience and your business

Both locally and globally

Reduce your risk by doing business with your trusted connections 

One simple fee pa 

Unlimited transactions 

Fixed  fee, negotiate or trade it's up to you


Xchange your marketplace to Sell, Source and Trade with your trusted network

39% of new businesses fail in the 1st 3 years 

( ABS 2015 )

The shared economy (e.g. Uber/ Air BnB) is set to grow to 335 billion by 2025 

( PWC report)



It is as simple as posting your advert, connecting with buyers then you can cut a deal

Choose How you want to do business: -  Fixed fee, negotiate on price or trade for goods and services. The deal is up to you.

Choose Where you want to do business: - Online , face to face or both

Choose When you want to do business: - by a deadline or ongoing

Editing is easy with simple tools to add pictures, videos or files, cut & paste, etc.

There is a Buy Now link you can add which will send buyers to your payment gateway, allowing you to do business whilst you sleep.

Drive your listing by inviting your friends.

Share your listing into Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


If you need help to get a job or project done, it is easy to request this at a price you can afford

Choose How you want to business:- Fixed fee, negotiate on price or trade for goods and services. 

There is a field where you can highlight what services you would be willing to trade

Choose Where you want to do business:- Online or Face to face

Choose When you want to do business :- Highlight a deadline if you have one

Set an approximate budget this will make it easy for others to search.

Drive you listing by inviting your friends and those you know who could do it. Or Share into Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


Browsing is easy!

By Listing. My listing, friends listing or Listings you have been invited to .

By Category using the extensive list of categories

By Map - there is a google map that you can use to bring up your location and see what listings are registered nearby

By Search Filter :- price range, keywords and localities.



We know the first year is hard, so let us give you a helping hand. We will let you join Xchange Free for your first year.

All you need to do is join as a Crystal member ( it's FREE too),  create your profile page and email with a copy of your ABN registration. 

Then we will upgrade your to a Crystal Xchange member and you are in Business.


By combining networking with your market place you can establish a relationship before you do business allowing you to do business with those you trust. 

There are lots of great features allowing you to keep a track of your adverts and you can drive traffic to them by inviting your friends.

A$100+gst  or US$84 pa

ALL Sales listings are Shared with 35,000 business women  Give yourself a Kick start and get Marketing TODAY